50 Days of Easter

A couple of days ago, my parish priest encouraged us in his homily to celebrate Easter for more than just a few days; after all, along with the Easter Octave (in which that first day of Jesus’s being raised is celebrated over and over) we have the Easter Season, which is 50 days from now until Pentecost. Later that night, in a get together with a group of female friends for pizza and wine, I expressed the idea that we really ought to try to celebrate Easter longer, for a whole 50 days, the way that we take Lent so seriously. Everyone thought it was a great idea but wondered how could one actually do it? Somehow we have been trained to find it easier to do penance for 40 days than to celebrate for 50.

I try not to buy fresh flowers for the house over Lent and then splurge on a lot of flowers for Easter. (This is especially nice since a long Boston winter has left our ground outside still bare of any blooming flowers, and our trees still leafless.) My friends and I thought that being attentive the whole Easter season to being celebratory by actions like making nicer meals, keeping flowers around, going to daily Mass, and spending more purely “fun” time with friends and family  are all ways to keep Easter present, even as we head back to work since the holiday break has ended. One of my friends joked, as we all parted at the end of the night, that we will have to check in on each other to see if we have fallen off the “50 days of Easter” wagon.

Another way could be to consider how the consolations and internal gifts received in Easter can be passed on to others in our lives, through acts loving service and care–like the multiplication of light at the Easter service. The readings at Mass fit with this theme. Along with Gospel readings about the Resurrection, we hear readings from Acts, in which Peter and the other disciples go on to heal and to attend to the needs of the church. “Rejoice, o hearts that seek the Lord.”

2 thoughts on “50 Days of Easter

  1. You ladies are special. Like Lent, the Easter season should be about trying to get closer to God. You can do something extra. I think you should buy your flowers for your home, BUT take them to church and place them at the foot of a statue of Mary. Save a few buds for your own home. You’ll have to bring your own vase and water. Replace the flowers occassionally.
    There’s a lady in my parish that brings a single rose to Mary, all the time. She gets them at the super market. In the summer she brings them from her own garden.
    Do you have a Mary gardn? Plan one during this Easter season. Then use it as you meditation space. Mary brings you to her Son, as you know.
    Happy Easter. Christ is risen.


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