Meister Eckhart and the pursuit of unknowing knowing

“Now you may say, ‘What is it that God does without images in the ground and essence?’ That I am incapable of knowing, for my soul powers can receive only in images; they have to recognize and lay hold of each thing in its appropriate image: they cannot recognized a bird in the image of a man. Now since all images enter from without, this is concealed from my soul, which his most salutary for her. Not knowing makes her wonder and leads her to eager pursuit, for she knows clearly that it is but knows not how or what it is. No sooner does a man know the reason of a thing than immediately he tires of it and goes casting about for something new. Always clamoring to know, he is every inconstant. The soul is constant only to this unknowing knowing which keeps her pursuing.”

–Meister Eckart, From whom God Hid Nothing (Shambhala, 1996), 54.