Sacredness of the Present Moment

As this writing retreat draws to an end, we are about to meet and share a key moment from the week as part of the closing meeting . I knew right away what mine would be, although it was such a simple moment.

The other afternoon at Mass after receiving communion, I felt very aware of the sacredness of the present moment and deeply grateful for it.  All of us were together in silence, this temporary but intentional community that won’t be here tomorrow but was beautiful and sacred. A great benefit of the retreat is that it has been easy to be present to the “now”, with meals and housekeeping taken care of by someone else, no distractions, and absolutely beautiful surroundings. I’ve been able to be present to my writing when writing, to walking when walking, to people when socializing, to each new ocean wave that rises, crests, and disappears when at the ocean. Being fully present to our own lives and to each other is a gift. It’s in the present that we find Presence, and a little taste of eternity.