Eucharist in all times

Today is the solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. The Eucharist nourishes us. We can attend the celebration of Mass with many different kinds of mindsets. When we struggle, the Eucharist is our strength. When we feel blessed, Eucharist is a place to say, “thank you.” When we are sad, Christ offers us comfort. When we long with love for God, Christ is the bridegroom who comes to meet that longing. In times of consolation, Eucharist opens us up further to the mystery, and in times of dryness, remains as a reliable way station to stop and rest.

In every time on life’s journey, Christ comes to feed us and to unite himself to us. We are given the Body of Christ and then are invited to share that bread with others. God offers us sustenance, but more than sustenance: God offers us abundant life so that we can encourage, console, and contribute to abundant life in the rest of the world. Eucharist means “thanksgiving,” and this Sunday especially, we are invited to give thanks for the gift of Christ’s Body and Blood—for the gift of our redemption and for all the gifts that God continues to give to us, that we may pass on this Bread of Life to others.