Blessed All Souls

A blessed All Souls to all.

Today I’m most struck in the gospel reading by the phrase that Jesus “will not lose anything ” of what the Father gave him. Although the world is full of forces that can pull us down– violence, sickness, argument, and the prospect of death–Jesus assures is that God is constantly seeking to preserve all that is good and to help it to grow. The promise of Resurrection after death is the most fundamental exemplar or paradigm of every other kind of anxiety. If God can conquer even death, then why not also violence? If God can conquer even death, then why not also sin?

On All Souls Day, we lovingly remember those who have gone before us, especially this past year. As we do we pray for their continued rest but also pray for one another in each other’s losses. I know today I am not only remembering my own loved ones but also praying for friends and colleagues who have lost someone this year. We are a community to one another even as we are in community and communion with those who have gone home to the Lord. We care for one another, and we entrust ourselves to the power of God’s love to heal, redeem, and even to Resurrect.