Gratitude on thanksgiving

Today in the USA it is Thanksgiving.

Many say that gratitude is at the heart of prayer. Perhaps it is because in gratitude, our love of God and love of others becomes united. When I’m grateful for the gift of another person–for example, the family around my Thanksgiving table–I remember why I love them at the same time that I appreciate them as a gift from God. In genuine love of God and gratitude to God, love of another human person is never far behind.

Gratitude also encourages to share what we have. This morning as I continue with food preparations that have happened for a few days now, I’m mindful of all the hands that brought the food to this point: farmers and workers who labored to grow the food, truckers who transported it, the high school aged kid who bagged my groceries, and the people who were kind enough to hire me into my job so that I could buy it! The labor here at home is shared, too: my husband will be making apple pie with a crust I made and chilled yesterday while he makes the filling. Everyone will eat it. Most of what we undertake in life is like that: cooperative with others in our family or community, and made to be broken and shared.

So let us give thanks, love God and love one another, and remember to share that love with others–not only in our personal families but also in our wider human family. We should be especially mindful of those in our community who are most in need.

Happy thanksgiving to all!

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