Happy Feast of St Ignatius!

The above photo is of the shoes Ignatius wore as a pilgrim. This past June I traveled with a group of companions to sites in Spain that followed the life of Ignatius. It was a trip to grow closer to God and to Ignatius, the mission of the Society, and my fellow pilgrims.

On this feast day I’ve been thinking a lot about the trip but especially about the notion of pilgrimage itself. A pilgrimage is a movement towards God as destination of our hearts. A pilgrimage is also the recognition that Christ is already there in our midst, accompanying us in every part of our life’s journey. God is already there in community, companions and in those intimate conversations that take place only between God and my self—in God’s love, support, and encouragement.

Life offers us joyful celebrations and easy roads and then difficult terrain as well. But we know that God is our companion in all these legs of the journey and encourages us to be faithful and supportive friends and family to others in their life’s travels, too. When we live our fidelity and kindness and compassion to others we find Christ is in our midst.

Happy Feast Day!

Photo by Marina McCoy, June 2019, Rome

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  1. Thank you, Marina, for these encouraging words on this special feast day of St. Ignatius.

    May we find God in all things.

    Mary Day

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