Seeking God

There are many perspectives we might take on the Gospel reading for today concerning Zacchaeus: the way Jesus loves sinners, the nature of conversion, or the difference between how Jesus loves and the crowd responds. But I want to stay with just one brief moment in the gospel: when Zacchaeus climbs the tree to see Jesus.

This one moment says a lot: it speaks to the attractiveness of Jesus and his message. It reminds us that even sinners caught in a way of living badly may find him attractive, because good is naturally attractive in a way evil and transgression never can be. (Tax collectors were known for skimming money off the top of the collections and this is something to which Zacchaeus later admits.) it also is an image for seeking God in every circumstance. Zacchaeus has to contend with a crowd pressing in on Jesus, bring too short to see, but he is resourceful in his seeking. Whatever is pressing in on us and however high we might have to climb, in our own circumstances we also are encouraged to seek out God.

Jesus is responsive to Zacchaeus and he will respond to us, too. At Mass today, we also share a meal with the Lord and invite him to come and enter under our roof. We can trust that God is ever responsive to our needs as we seek him.

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  1. Dear Marina,
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful and thoughtful writings and insights…these help in my prayer life.
    May God bless you always.

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