Baptism of Jesus

The celebration of Jesus’s baptism also reminds us of our own: John baptizes Jesus whose immersion in water not only expresses divine forgiveness of sin but also points ahead to Jesus’s death and resurrection. In our own baptisms we also experienced new life as a new member of the Christian community of faith.

Although we are only baptized once, each year we have opportunities to choose new life with Jesus as we are reminded of our own baptisms. We also have times in life where the current of the water pulls us under and we have to follow where the waters take us. But we can trust in God that we will always surface again with new life and perhaps a new way of proceeding. Letting go and surrendering into God’s waters is also a surrender into freedom.

Jesus’s baptism preceded his ministry. God’s freedom isn’t only for us alone but also for all God’s people. When we are freed we are invited to live into that freedom through self gift to others—especially those most in need in our world. Today let us give thanks for our baptism, ask God for the freedom to let go into God’s moving water —wherever the current takes us— and to ask God for guidance as we take up each of our vocations and ministries in the joy of Jesus.