Happy Feast of St Joseph 2021

As I was praying this morning, i thought in gratitude about the Sisters of St Joseph who had educated both of my children in preschool and elementary school. I think I’d specific teachers like Sr Rosemarie or Sr Charlene but also of the wonderful structure of the school, its curriculum, inclusive values, the way they consistently taught my kids about the value of peace. After that I turned to thinking about Joseph and who have the Josephs been in my own life: people who have supported and mentored, often quietly from the sidelines without a lot of fanfare. I thought about a friend who moved away decades ago who used to bring St Joseph pastries to the office, a group that now has long dispersed, and kind of wished we were all together to share those again.

In the Gospels, St Joseph reminds us of many things—God’s call to care for others, the importance of hopes and dreams, the way God moves and works in unexpected ways. But he also reminds us of something simple but important: that part of divine history are the many small connections that we make along the way, and the way that the people who may not seem to be front and center, as Jesus is in the gospels, but who are sometimes quietly in the background, make such a difference in the unfolding of God’s plans. I’m sure I’ll never know all the gifts the CSJs passed on to my children and how that blossoms in their lives as young adults today, but I am sure that the gifts give on.