Holy Thursday 2021

Holy Thursday is my favorite day on the liturgical calendar, even more so than Easter or Christmas! I love the quiet and meditative quality of the evening, the tenderness Jesus shows his friends in washing their feet, the celebration of the meal even at the very moment Jesus knows he’s about to suffer, in an act of love for us. It’s the day of the institution of Eucharist, a way that Jesus is present to us in every generation all around the world, a way his Body is given to us and that we are fed by Presence.

I suggest two ways to pray imaginatively this day. The first might be to pray with a Gospel account of the Last Supper. Let Jesus wash your feet. What does he say to you or how does he act with you as he does? What do you want to say to him, or ask of him? Let him invite you to the table. Who else is there? Who is in your community as Jesus sits at table with you? What does this communicate to you about your life right now?

A second way to pray would be to be present with Jesus in the Garden. What do you see in Jesus’s emotions and actions? Do you want to comfort him? Sit and pray with him? Offer something to God along with him? Console him in his sorrow, or let him console you?

We are on the way to Easter. Now is a time of hope when we see Easter and new life are nearing us. What do we want to receive from Jesus as he gives us his gifts of love ? How do we live this out both in one on one relationship to God, and in community with one another?