Third Sunday in Easter 2021

My reflection today on the Scripture is brief and focused on just one moment in today’s Gospel reading, when the Resurrected Jesus appears to his friends. They are concerned that he is a ghost, and so he asks that they give him something to eat. The primary meaning of this passage is to show that Jesus’s body was Resurrected; perhaps in response to early Christians who posited that Jesus was only a resurrected Spirit, the text affirms the reality of the Body of the Risen Lord.

This passage can remind us of the importance of the body. How do we show care for our own and others’ bodies? How do we show it in ordinary, every day activities such as walking, eating, resting on this day of rest, feeding our families? How do we also share care for the body in our social and political actions, for example, in caring about the bodies of people of color who suffer violence, or hungry people in our communities? The Resurrection shows us a promise of our own Resurrection, and it also affirms the holiness of the body.

More metaphorically, we can also allow Jesus to ask each one of us to feed him. What does that look like in our own lives? You might even pray imaginatively, in the manner of an Ignatian contemplation, and imagine Jesus asking you to give him something to eat. What does that look like in your own life?

Or meditate on Matthew 25: 16ff when Jesus says that when we feed, clothe, and visit others, we find we are also feeding, clothing and visiting him.

Today, we can let God speak to our hearts and also feed us, though his Word and through the many acts of God’s Love we might encounter this day.

2 thoughts on “Third Sunday in Easter 2021

  1. Thank you,Marina.
    I am impressed that Jesus has his disciples do what a child does in learning: explore, touch, sense, and feel. Resurrection is about a freedom to live without shame or blame but to live in the joy of interaction and accompaniment. In a simple meal—and what child doesn’t understand that?—Christ witnesses what we are to continue with each other. True presence.

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